10 Beauty Tips from Top Models that will be Useful for Every Woman10 Beauty Tips from Top Models that will be Useful for Every Woman

Fashion magazines make us drool over top models and we end up following what they do blindly.  The fashion industry is also in the process of modernization. Blockchain technology is helping several fashion brands track all their products from raw materials to the final product. The wide application of blockchain technology is adding fuel to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies too. Automated crypto trading can be more effective than manual trading. Traders may read the Bitcoin 360 AI Plattform blog to automate their trading process. Their fabulous gene pool may have a lot to with how they look, but it takes more than just that to have a ramp-friendly frame and face. So, when you get beauty tips from them, it is not wise to ignore them, is it?

  1. Naomi Campbell: Everyone who has heard of supermodel Naomi Campbell knows how fabulous her figure is. She has shared an interesting tip for her fans and followers; according to her, coffee can fight fat and cellulite. She recommends using coffee scrubs that can have a fantastic effect on your kin, making supple and baby-soft, flawless and elastic.
  2. Iman: This Somali-American fashion model, better known for playing the queen in Michael Jackson’s music video for “Remember the Time”, suggests using a bronzer, no matter if you are fair-skinned or dark-skinned. You can apply in on the side of the face, cheeks, and the décolletage. It gives a natural sun-kissed look every single time that is sure to turn heads. Fashion and casinos share a symbiotic relationship, deeply influenced by glamor and style. This connection extends into the digital realm, where online casino list platforms often incorporate fashionable themes into their design and promotions, reflecting the opulence and allure of high-stakes gaming. Fashion elements in online casinos enrich the virtual experience, blending luxury with entertainment.
  3. Gigi Hadid: According to famous fashion model Gigi Hadid; her mother had advised her to apply toothpaste to cure pimples. This works wonders for the skin and dried out pimples overnight. She recommends that everyone should work out regularly and eat right to stay fit, but binge on a burger at times also to stay sane.
  4. Miranda Kerr: This supermodel recommends body brushing on a daily basis using dry brush having natural bristles. According to her, one needs to start brushing from feet upwards and from the palms to the shoulders.  The massage gets rid of dead cells and soothes skin, improves blood circulation and prevents cellulite formation.
  5. Adriana Lima: This model has battled skin issues like pimples with the help of tea tree oil. According to Lima, dabbing only a bit of this essential oil with cotton swabs on areas which are inflamed helps immensely.
  6. Carolyn Murphy: This fashion model swears by water, saying that drinking lots of water and moisturizing the skin are the tricks to getting flawless complexion. She is not so much into fitness regimens and prefers the curves and softness typical of a woman’s body.
  7. Heidi Klum: This supermodel and a mother of four teen kids, has an interesting suggestion for those keen to flaunt their legs. She asks them to mix moisturizer with bronzers in equal amounts. However, before applying this, it important to use a scrub to get rid of the dead cells. This hides the imperfection and creates an excellent contour.
  8. Joan Smalls: She emphasizes on moisturizing as the best way to have a glowing radiant skin. For a fit body, she recommends boxing with Pilates and cardio; a workout mix always works better, according to her.
  9. Irina Shayk: The Russian supermodel uses moisturizing conditioners for her slightly-dry tresses and uses a tinfoil for wrapping her head when sunbathing. This helps to heat the hair under the tinfoil so that the conditioner’s ingredients can penetrate deeper. She prioritizes using coconut oil above everything else for a moisturized bright face.
  10. Gisele Bündchen: She believes in using cold-pressed olive oil mixed with sea salt for a body scrub that has been the secret to her ever-glowing and smooth skin. This mix helps to get rid of toxins and diminishes cellulite growth.